New Year and a new TBR List!


The year of 2019 is here! For me, a new year always brings a new set of personal goals that I like to accomplish. However, by the end of the year I end up forgetting what those goals are. Halfway through the year, there is a major change that every student faces, a change in their academic year. This change is something that I dread, and yet look forward to. My personal goal for this year is to have more self-control and consistency. As for my reading goal, I can list down a few books that I definitely want to read, however, I can’t guarantee you that I will read them for sure. On the Goodreads app, I have challenged myself to read at least 15 books this year. I definitely want to read more than that but I know myself and I know that there is always a chance of me getting carried away by TV shows.
Here’s the list:-

  1. Linger(The Wolves of Mercy Falls #2) by Maggie Stiefvater
  2. Forever( The Wolves of Mercy Falls #3) by Maggie Stiefvater
  3. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  4. Puddin’ by Julie Murphy
  5. Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy
  6. One Plus One by Jojo Moyes
  7. Throne of Glass by Sarah. J Mass
  8. The New Human Revolution volume 25 by Daisaku Ikeda
  9. The Selection by Kiera Cass
  10. The Silent Widow by Sidney Sheldon
  11. Come Sundown by Nora Roberts
  12. Persuasion by Jane Austen
  13. Landline by Rainbow Rowell
  14. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

The reason why I want to read book number 1 and 2 is because I read the first part of this trilogy which is called Shiver, I absolutely loved the way it was written. Moreover, I am actually really inclined towards supernatural stories. I love this show called The Vampire Diaries, I love the Twilight series (the movies, obviously) and so I developed an interest towards reading this book as well.  I definitely want to finish War and Peace this year, I have heard amazing things about it and it would make me so happy to finish reading the big fat 1000+ pages book which has been in my shelf for so long. I have picked it up a lot of times, read a few pages and then I moved to another book.

I have listed only 14 books here, but I am waiting for a list of books that I can read to gain more knowledge on the subconscious mind and I will definitely try to read one or two books on the same. I hope I accomplish my goal for this year and not deviate.

Happy new year to all of you! Happy reading! 🙂



New Beginnings…

Less than a week for this year to come to an end. Less than a week and 2018 will be past tense. For some of you, this year must have been very eventful, you must have learned new things about places or people around you. You may have discovered a new hobby, or maybe came across a life hack that changed your life forever. For the rest of you, this year may have been a very quiet one. It was a quiet one for me. It felt like everything had come to a standstill, there is nothing interesting happening, and life was repetitive and wearisome. More than people or things, I had turned to books and shows to get my happiness. I had a lack of human communication, even when I would spend the whole day at school and in extracurricular activities. Externally, it seemed like everything was fine. In that moment, I felt fine. I would laugh and smile and still do the things that I normally would.  On my days off, I found myself locked up in my room, wasting my time  and doing only as much work as was necessary. Now that I think of it, I wasted a whole year.
But at the same time I got back to a lot of things. My faith grew stronger, I started writing again, I discovered the importance of will power and the importance of faith. My faith is what got me here. I made a few new friends, some of which will always be special to me no matter what happens in the future. (you know who you are,  you should smile now 🙂 )
This year, it felt like I found myself. I know my boundaries, I know when to push myself and when not to. I know what kind of people I want in my life, I got rid of all the fake people who only spread negative energy around me. I found myself.
When I started to write this particular blog post (10 minutes ago), I thought that I would be complaining about the kind of uneventful year I had. But I had a change of heart as I realized what all it is that I have done this year.

I would also like to tell you all about this movie that I watched named Dumplin’ which is based on the book written by Julie Murphy. I loved reading that book, and I also liked the movie. It is all about how important it is for one to figure out themselves and love themselves. It is a story that empowers you and makes you believe that you don’t need anybody else to make you feel validated.  I feel like I have finally started this journey and I think that a part of me will always remember what this year was like.
Also, updates on reading list, I guess the number of books that I read in 2018 will be eleven only because I haven’t had the chance to read anything at all! IMG_7367

Books I Read in 2018!

When I started this blog, my main aim was to talk about the one true source of my happiness:books.

But as you all can see, I got a bit carried away by talking about reality or imagination, and my dreams and aspirations. But finally, I am back to talking about books. Since the year is coming to an end, I thought it will be a good idea to tell you all what are the books I read this past year. When this year had just begun, I told myself that I want to read a lot of books this year. I had planned on reading at least two books per month.  My TBR list on Goodreads has over a 100 books on it (I will be sharing those in the next post). Needless to say, I couldn’t complete my target of reading even 2 books per month and I feel really bad about it(I got carried away by TV shows.)  But here are the books that I did read this year:

  1. This Is Not Your Story by Savi Sharma
  2. The Boy With A Broken Heart by Durjoy Datta
  3. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon
  4. An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
  5. The Giver by Lowis Lowry
  6. If I Stay by Gayle Forman
  7. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
  8. Unrivaled by Alyson Noel
  9. P.S. I Love You by Cecilia Ahern
  10. Still me by Jojo Moyes
  11. Turtles All The Way Down by John Green. These were the eleven books that I read, but there are still a few days left for this year to end and I might finish my twelfth book.

Dreams and Aspirations; So Much to Look Forward to.

Growing up, we all have thought of numerous things that we want to become. I clearly remember what my 5-year-old self dreamed of being in the future. Like every other child, I wanted to become a teacher. I remember pretending to be a teacher and shouting at my fake students for not being present at school and not completing their homework. I used to copy my teacher’s mannerisms and repeat the statements used by them. I also remember wanting to become a doctor once. But as I grew up, I realized that spending so many years studying science is not something I want to do. Also, I am too sensitive to deal with blood and needles.

Needless to say, there were few more things that I aspired to become. I wanted to be a pilot once, and an air hostess too. I wanted to be a writer once, and work in a publishing house too. Eventually after wanting to fulfill all these dreams, I realized that I never have to pick one. I can simply choose to do more than one thing at one point of time. This year, when I was introduced to Psychology as a subject, I realized that I might be interested in being a doctor after all. But I am also interested in writing, I love reading and I would definitely love to be paid for it by working in a publishing house. I also dreamed of working in movies, but turns out that dream might be way out of reach.

I wanted to become so many things, and right now I think that I have it all planned out. I think that I know for sure that I want to become a psychologist and that I want to continue writing. But I am too young and I know I have a long way to go. I might have a change of plan, I might end up doing something completely different. I still want to do so many things, even when I am at a point where I need to start making decisions about my future. But isn’t that what makes life interesting? The unpredictability of it?

I believe that choosing one thing, or settling down for one thing is undermining your own potential. So I know, that whatever I do in the future, I will make sure that it makes me happy and keeps pushing me to use my full potential. I want to have that feeling of fulfillment, the kind a person feels on completing a task, achieving a goal, finishing a book or pushing themselves beyond their limits.

This makes me feel like there is so much to look forward to, that today is just another day that passed by, bringing me closer to this feeling of fulfillment. Although more than the feeling of fulfillment, I am looking forward to the difficult journey that will take me there. The hard work, the time and the efforts that I will put in, in order to achieve my dreams and aspirations.
There is so much to look forward to..

Reality or imagination?

I sat in my room, watched my show and studied all day long. Not once did I step out of the house. At least not until I saw the sky, the sun was setting down and the orange clouds had this touch of pink color almost making the clouds look like cotton candy. I decided to go out of the house to get a picture of the same, and my dad asked if I wanted to go to this garden near my house, which would give me a better view of the sky. I immediately agreed and within seconds we were on his motorbike, riding away to the garden.

I got the pictures I wanted and we were pretty satisfied with it. After we got home my father and I sat down to edit these pictures. He increased the contrast on one of the pictures so much that it started to look like a painting, and  I said to him, “We can’t keep the contrast so high, this picture looks like a painting. This is not a painting, this is picture clicked in real-time.”

So he asked me that aren’t pictures supposed to look like paintings? And I said that paintings are drawn from imagination, whereas pictures always show the reality.
This really got me thinking, and I realized how pictures can usually say so much. We often fail to recognize the importance of a picture. Technology these days has allowed us to click a picture so easily, it is so easy to capture something and save it forever. Sometimes it is known as a great skill, but in all honesty, it is just a mere use of the technological devices that are available.  A great skill however, is when one knows the true meaning of a picture. And the true meaning is, that it is simply a picture, capturing the moment, clicked in real-time.

But I wonder, do most of us feel the same joy as I did while I was sitting on that motorbike, smiling at the thought of getting the opportunity to click a picture. That joy of being able to capture what you wanted, or perhaps that disappointment when you miss out on it. A picture is not only something that captures the moment, it also captures the emotions of the person who clicked the picture.

Hello World!

This is the first time I will be writing anything like this, so I definitely have no idea how to do it right. But I do know that this is one of the best ways to communicate on a larger platform and I will definitely take advantage of this in the same manner as other people my age do.

This account is mainly about book reviews, but today I thought that as my first post, I will share how reading books makes me feel. When people say that books take you into a whole new world, books allow you to live many lives in one lifetime, books take you to places that you never thought you would find out about, they are right. All these things is what one single book does to me. It is my escape from the reality, but it also shows me a different kind of reality. The kind that an average sixteen year old would not be able to witness if it weren’t for her big fat paperback book.

When I began my journey of reading, it was mostly because everybody around me carried a book and so I wanted to fit in and have something common to talk about. However, I noticed that as years passed, I actually started taking more interest into reading. It started to become my ultimate source of happiness, the one thing that compelled me to put my phone down and just read. So far I have experienced 40 different stories, I have been a part of 40 different lives. Some of these I will cherish for life, while the others I will be grateful for, as they were still the only source of my happiness. Where ever I go, I always make sure to carry a book along with me. Reading has taught me how to fall in love with my own company, it has taught me that I will not always be surrounded by people and that is completely fine. I have also learned the significance of keeping some parts about me to myself, I have learned how writing my own emotions and reading them again helps me make to make sense of everything that I am feeling. It may not be a lot, but it is definitely a start and I cannot wait to go on many more journeys and read many more wonderful stories which take me from one reality to another.